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Gymgoer Victim of 'Spin Rage'

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Riding a bike in Manhattan can certainly be scary, but who'd of thought that riding a stationary bike in the city could be life threatening. This morning, WCBS brings us the bizarre tale of Stuart Sugarman, a fellow who was allegedly thrown off his stationary bike and into a wall by another gym goer during a spinning class in the Equinox on 85th Street and Third Avenue. Sugarman has hired an attorney, who coined a phrase for the attack— 'spin rage,' "the loss of all self control by someone who is just sharing not a road in this case but sharing a stationary bike facility." Right. In perhaps not the best PR move, Equinox decided to terminate Sugarman's membership; the piece does not state if they did the same to his attacker, Christopher Carter, who is now facing assault charges. This would have never happened in a yoga class.
· Bizarre Case Of 'Spin Rage' Shakes NYC Health Club [WCBS TV]