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Above The Fray: Jimmy Choo

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Image of the line outside last year's Jimmy Choo sale via Flickr/Dumb Riffs.

Since this morning, Gawker's been running updates from the frantic scene at the Jimmy Choo sale over at the Warwick Hotel on 54th Street and Sixth Avenue. At 11:30am: "Update from the jimmy choo sale. I'm scared. There is no order, and with at least 30 mins to go, there r about 100 women standing around, pissed." At 12:45pm: "Its a mass of hair and they are letting ONE in at a time, the line was totally compromised by the huge lunch rush, who ALL cut." At 1:40pm: "I hear the line outside is pushing 4000, can that be?" It sounds like things got real ugly over there real fast. Okay, get a grip people. Since Choo's luster has been somewhat tarnished by that "they stole my Choos" episode of Sex and the City which you all know you've seen about 50 times in syndication, and since there's bound to be nothing worth your money left on the shelves by this point, we'd advise anyone who was even considering dropping by the sale to abandon that idea pronto. It's not worth it.
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