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Above The Fray: Prada

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Today was the very first day that plebes were admitted to the Prada sample sale (magazine editors got first pick at the goods yesterday) held on the second floor of the Fuller building on 57th and Madison. We just returned from it and boy, what a waste of time. First of all, registering for the sale didn't even matter—after checking our bags, as was the rule, we wandered in without giving a name. Oops. The selection, which included shoes and clothing for both men and women, left a lot to be desired. Racks were hung with a motley assortment of Miu Miu, Prada and Prada Sport garments. Many items were ripped, torn, stained, marked with pen or otherwise rendered undesirable. Of the rest, much was still prohibitively expensive. The cheapest items were shoes, bags (you were limited to one per person) and other accessories. We overheard one shopper groan, "Everything's ugly and weird." Amen sister. Who really needs a chain-mail crop top or a neon yellow nylon bubble skirt?

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