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Barneys Warehouse Sale: Is This The Best Week To Shop?

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The scene at 7:45am on the opening day of the Barneys Warehouse Sale.

(11:25:01 AM) Critical Shopper: i've got some inside info about the Barneys Warehouse Sale
(11:25:19 AM) RackedBot: inside info?
(11:30:40 AM) Critical Shopper: i hear they're real markdown happy this week and the good stuff comes out this week. the first week they only put out items that are already on sale in the store. they don't do the markdown until the second week and they hold a lot of the better things until this week
(11:31:05 AM) RackedBot: nice. are you going?
(11:35:45 AM) Critical Shopper: probably at some point
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