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ShopVogue.TV To Launch At Midnight Tonight

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We've got more online shopping news for you today: ShopVogue.TV, the companion site to, will launch tonight at midnight EST. The site will allow shoppers to parse through Vogue ads and buy product directly from retailers and will also feature a wealth of broadband video (also shopable) which includes the "shows" Behind the Lens, 60 Seconds to Chic, and Trend Watch. A note: ShopVogue.TV is not tied to Vogue editorial; it's being produced through the business side of the magazine. During a virtual press conference held about the site this afternoon, Thomas Florio (publishing director of Vogue), stressed the difference between fictional fashion shows (America's Next Top Model) and the real fashion world and stated that they were excited about showing the creatively and hard work behind all the flash and glamor of the fashion industry.
· ShopVogue.TV [Official Site]