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The Times Indulges Cintra Wilson, Runs Strange Miu Miu Review

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While sipping our coffee and paging through the Thursday Style section this morning, we came across perhaps the most bizarre store "review" we'd ever read. We're referring to the piece about the recently-remodeled Miu Miu boutique at 100 Prince Street in Soho penned by Critical Shopper Mike Albo's friend Cintra Wilson. Let's dive right in, shall we? "Miu Miu wants her own room now; she doesn’t care anymore if Prada thinks she’s tacky," Wilson writes. "She’s a little overweight and doesn’t give a damn. She knows how to party, defy parental supervision and skinny-dip in hotel pools..."

Do you think that, perhaps, she's reading into the clothing a bit too much in this next graph?

In a subversive spoof on Eastern Bloc sleaze, Miu Miu seems to be shouting “Krakow ’96!” out of one side of its naughty pink mouth. Gray suede slouch boots purr “Soviet Models Waiting to Talk to You. Visa, Mastercard!” in a come-hither Borat accent. Go-go boots are swingin’ in chrome-shiny patent leather; V-neck ankle boots gleam with waterproof luster. All are slick examples of a Joris Karl Huysmans-like scheme to make deceptively cheap-looking merchandise out of the finest materials.
After this, Wilson talks about staring deep into jacquard fabrics that appear to her to have been "seemingly spun from cotton-candy goats and unraveled Christmas trees." There's really too much to excerpt, do click through to read the full piece. The Times, now strangely akin to a bad acid trip.
· Prada’s Sassy Sister Knows How to Party [NY Times]

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