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Barneys Warehouse Sale In Progress: And A Couple Hundred Dollars Lighter, We're Out!

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We were in and out of the Barneys Warehouse Sale in under an hour, and now that we've had some time to refuel and hydrate, we're ready to reflect on the experience. It is so easy to get swept up in the mania of this event. You walk in and there are racks and racks of designer clothing and shoes. All around you, people are frantically grabbing up garments and dropping trou. It feels like a frantic, now-or-never-type deal; no time for indecision. And though the selection this year was pretty choice—in the women's department, we spotted Vena Cava and Diane von Furstenberg dresses, Daryl K jackets, Balenciaga sweaters and plenty of Marc Jacobs, among other labels—most of the clothing was only moderately marked down. It was hard to find a place to actually try stuff on, an important step being that everything is final sale. We were corralled to an open dressing room area at the side of the store where there was literally no room to stand, so your best bet is to ignore the admonishments of the sales associates and camp out where ever you can find space near a mirror. And though the place was claustrophobically packed with the usual toe-stepping-on, shoving-prone crowd and prices were still pretty high, we still caved and dropped a few hundred dollars. Barneys, you got us once again.


The shoe section was a little less crazed than the the clothing sections.

You enter and exit the sale via a florescent-lit hallway. Not so glam.
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