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Storecasting: Village Tower Space Getting Toys "R" Us-ified?

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East Village/Noho: Late last year, all stateside Tower Records stores were liquidated and shuttered. The space on East 4th Street that had been home to a Tower has sat empty since. Now, a tipster sends word that there's movement afoot: "Could a Toys/Babies/Whatevers 'R' Us be coming to the previous home of Tower Records on E4th St? There are the beginnings of demolition inside and signs in the windows for I'd investigate further but their site doesn't support Macs. Christ. (to both)" Well, there's a Babies "R" Us in Union Square, and we doubt that the area could support two of those, so it'll probably be a store catering to an older set of screamers. Joy. [Racked Inbox]

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