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Storecasting: Nat Sherman's Smokin' Again In Midtown

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Those who enjoy a fine cigarette or cigar—and by "those," we mean the type of wealthy older white fellows that inhabit high-end gentleman's clubs—know the name Nat Sherman. The company, which has sold premium tobacco products since 1930 and is headquartered in NYC, recently closed the doors to their 500 Fifth Avenue shop and moved nearby to 12 E 42nd Street. An informant, who sent the above photo, writes: "Revealed yesterday at Nat Sherman's new location on SS 42nd/5th - Madison, just down the street from it's old location, was a new addition to the building's exterior - a copper-plated mansard roof. Pretty snazzy. Sorry I don't have a better pic." We're assuming that this new location, which should open in about a month, will be equipped with a smoking lounge, a massive humidor and a retail shop, as was the store at 500 Fifth. [Racked Inbox]