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Toys "R" Us Popping Up In Old Tower Records Space

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It's time for your kidlets to start scratching out their Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa wish lists: a "Holiday Express" Toys "R" Us coming! Following up on this morning's item about the former Tower Records space in the East Village, a special Racked correspondent sends us this image of the signage on East 4th Street. It would appear as if the storefront's owner, Vornado, is just waiting out some megatenant with a few fillers (note: Vornado owns Toys "R" Us, so this is a smart move on their part). The space that opens onto Broadway will be allocated to the "R" Us folks, while the space that opens onto Lafayette Street will house a temporary Halloween shop.

From a dusty hole to an child's paradise, in mere months.

Another view of the currently bleak interior.

A glimpse of the space's other temporary tenant, a costume store. Looks like they'll have everything from cute kid's outfits to slutty styles for young women. And they're hiring!
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