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In The Window Beach Edition: Ralph Lauren, Not So Fly

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Though the 2007 Beach season is coming to a close, it's not time to turn off the summer rental lights just yet. And now, a special report filed by a Hamptons-dwelling Racked correspondent.

While the general public has embraced all manner of critter embroidered on a belt (the lobster, the horse, what have you), we're guessing most would draw the line at critters mucking up a window display. At Ralph Lauren in East Hampton the windows currently paint an iconic, sunbleached picture of a land where the sandcastles sparkle like Georgica Pond, white vespas anchor masses of white balloons and all the perfect little children wear white (and never drip their Scoop du Jour). Not exactly a world in which flies should dot the sand like so many beer caps on Sunset Beach. Yes, Ralph, your Utopian vision has been invaded by insects. Dead ones. We suggest the merchandising folks dispatch someone with a steady hand and a pair of tweezers, stat.