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Discontinued: The Funny Store, Seventh Avenue Books, Embassy Florist

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Let's start the day than with a cold, harsh does of reality. Take a minute, bow your head, and pay your respects to these fallen retailers.

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1) The Funny Store: It's curtains for gag gift, fake excrement and whoopee cushion-pushing novelty shop The Funny Store, whose Times Square building on 43rd and Eighth Avenue has been sold to a condo developer. The fifty-year-old establishment closed for good this past weekend. [Vanishing New York; NY Times; WCBSTV]

2) Seventh Avenue Books: Indie Park Slope bookstore Seventh Avenue Books isn't dead yet, but if no one ponies up the cash to buy the place, it will be soon. According to The Brooklyn Paper, owner Tom Simon wants to leave the business for a less stressful job that'll allow him more time with his family. Look, if a guardian angel doesn't materialize, the Barnes & Noble located across the street will have won. For the good of Park Slope... [The Brooklyn Paper; OTBKB]

3) Embassy Florist: This 87-year-old flower shop has a surprising fan—the guitarist of Twisted Sister. Jay Jay French, who's lived on the Upper West Side for years, told NY1 that the shuttering of Embassy Florist was just another sign of the neighborhood changing for the worse, as "we are watching the complete and utter mega-million dollar development of the West Side." [NY1; Lost City]