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Ikea Debuts New Catalog, Throws A Party To Celebrate

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Ikea threw a party last night to celebrate their new 2008 catalog and we went, not just because we were hungry and they promised "Swedish nibbly bits" but also because we wanted to get a first look at all the new furniture, much of which just hit stores in the last week or so (notable additions include some very bright and colorful textile collections and Bestå storage units). First of all, before we dive into specifics, let's get this out of the way: No one we spoke with would cop to a specific opening date for the Red Hook store, as the official word is "spring" 2008.

Anyway, on to the furniture. As you can see, the loft space was filled with vignettes, as in the store. Here we have a somewhat mod, retro looking arrangement. At the very back, a fat man sits in a bright orange wool-covered swivel chair, which is so new they didn't even have a price for it. Keep an eye out later this year for that one.

Pictured here, some very cool Leran rattan pendant lamps. We were told that to shape the rattan, they boil it in palm oil, instead of diesel (which is commonly used by other companies), because it's better for the workers and for the environment. Those Swedes, so resourceful.

On the right, glossy new Bestå storage. In the middle, we have what appears to be a Kramfors couch and two bored Ikea staffers (to their credit, this was snapped at the end of the night). Not pictured: delicious Swedish nibbly bits.
· Ikea [Official Site]