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Completely Ridiculous: Linkin Park Singer To "Design" Clothing Line

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Being the lead singer of nu-metal band Linkin Park isn't enough for Chester Bennington: he wants to design clothing. Yes, we have yet another wacky celeb line on our hands. The news that Bennington is coming out with a collection of t-shirts and hoodies makes us wonder if there's a market for his designs (and if anyone still listens to rock rap). From DNR: launching Ve’cel, a premium men’s T-shirt and hoodie line steeped in political and religious imagery, amped with violence and sexed up with scantily clad ladies. Or, for the gent who prefers something a little more innocuous, the line also features plenty of minimalist, logo-driven pieces—some with only the faintest silhouette of automatic weapons...“For Ve’cel, I wanted to bring the tattoo world into something more music-driven ... but also something that everyone isn’t wearing,” the lanky-but-tat-heavy Bennington told DNR on the set of Linkin Park’s latest video, “Bleed it Out.”
The line's merchandiser has hopes that Bennington's t-shirts and hoodies, priced from $55 to $125, will sell at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Barneys. Angsty teenwear sure is expensive these days.
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