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Now Available: More Vincent Gallo-Brand Clothing

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While we're on the topic of celeb clothing designers: Director, musician and Republican Vincent Gallo, the man known for getting an onscreen knob polishing from Chloe Sevigny, has just added some womenswear items to his merchandise website. It seems like a lifetime ago when were were simultaneously fascinated and horrified by homeboy's t-shirt collaboration with downtown annoyance Jamison Ernest (the brains behind the un-PC-named boutique Yellow Fever). Background: Outlandishly, the duo was asking prospective buyers to fill out an application for silkscreened cotton tees, which were priced at $500 a pop. Gallo's newest designs are a bit less costly, and include a black purse for $300, pink sweatpants for $300, and a khaki "schoolgirl skirt" screenprinted with the words "Vincent Gallo was here," also for $300 (what can we say, the man appreciates a round number). We were alerted to these new items because we receive the VG Merchandise newsletter!

Thank you for your interest in We've just added some amazing new pieces to the clothing section. All one of a kinds, signed by Vincent Gallo, as well as garnishing the Vincent Gallo label. These are sure to be collector items for both art buyers and fashionistas!
Thank you again, VG Merchandise
Is Gallo a retail genius, a complete asshole, or both? A question for the ages.
· Vincent Gallo Merchandise [Official Site]