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Marc Jacobs' New Bleecker Street Store Swathed In Mystery

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Photo via noanoanoa/Racked Flickr Pool

Marc Jacobs loves Bleecker Street. The designer, who has three shops on the retail stretch, is about to add a fourth store, at 382 Bleecker, to his West Village mini empire. The boutique will be right across the street from the Marc accessories store at 385 Bleecker. From a Racked correspondent, we learn that the shop "won't open till late August" and that "right now the space is being used as storage for the other stores. There are always employees scurrying in and out with boxes." Interestingly enough, no one seems to know what, exactly, Jacobs plans on selling at 382 Bleecker. Guesses include menswear, housewares and children's clothing.

Just in, from a reliable source, "Marc Jacobs took more space on Bleecker. It's the basement underneath the new store which has a Perry Street entrance going underground." Question: What in the Sam Hill is Marc Jacobs planning to do with a basement space equipped with a secret underground entrance? Some possibilities we've come up with are: a VIP shopping den (so Dakota Fanning and Winona Ryder can browse without worrying about the paparazzi), a superhero-type lair for Marc himself or an employee rec room. Anyone with more info wanna step up?
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