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iPhrenzy: iPhone Sales In A Slump?

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AT&T is worried about how the iPhone is selling. Though the sales at the gadget's launch were strong, demand's slowed down considerably since. According to a piece in today's Times, the company just reported its second-quarter earnings and in the day and a half between the phone's launch and the quarter's end, only 146,000 iPhone owners activated service while analysts were predicting "as many as 500,000 to 700,000 activations in that period." Of course, the low numbers could be due to the problems some consumers encountered when trying to activate their phones. No one will know for sure if this is an indication that the iPhone is selling poorly until later today, when Apple will release its sales figures. We think that many people who want to buy an iPhone are deterred by the price. Paying $500+ for a cell isn't chump change.
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