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In The Window: Juicy's Knockout

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Time again for another installment of In The Window, in which we collectively monitor the goings-on behind the glass. If you've seen a notable display, do share. Bonus points for digital photos, natch.

Pictured, the window of the Juicy store at 103 Fifth Avenue between 17th and 18th Streets.

Juicy Couture's a clothing brand who's empire was built upon terry and velour sweatsuits, plain and simple. Though ostensibly they've expanded beyond such, loungewear is really what the brand's still known for (if you don't believe us, try Googling "sweatsuit"). We've never been huge Juicy fans, but we have to admit this window display ain't half bad. The oversize gold boxing gloves are fun, but what the hell is the model brandishing them wearing? It looks like a pink minidress with a puffy vest and white thermal leggings. Perhaps a tracksuit would have made more sense here. Come on Juicy, give your clientele what it wants.