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Coming Soon: Wii Bowling Leagues

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The geniuses behind Wii tennis tournament Wiimbledon are rolling out another Nintendo-based endeavor: Wii bowling leagues. From the emailed release that just went out:

While Wiimbledon offered you a chance to rub elbows and ascots with high society, we all know that secretly, deep inside that trust fund-funded heart, all you really want is to slum with the proles. So it's time to trade your dandy-ish decadence for blue collar cahoots. It's time for a little Wii Bowling.

And so: The kindly gentlemen who brought you Wiimbledon are helping to organize an intramural bowling league called Wii Bowl New York. Unlike Wiimbledon, Wii Bowl NY will be a weekly league in which teams compete against each other in separate bars around the city. Sorta like corporate league softball, but without all the fresh air and healthy exercise.

The founders, friends Tim Shey and Steve Bryant, have set up a Wii Bowl Facebook page; an official website will follow. Sign ups start in September. Better perfect that throw and release now.
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