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Kate Moss for Topshop Has Lost Its Luster

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(11:23:41 AM) Rackedbot: Check this out, there's new Kate Moss for Topshop at Barneys
(11:28:16 AM) Critical Shopper: 90 dollars for a tank top
(11:28:18 AM) Critical Shopper: ridiculous
(11:28:37 AM) Rackedbot: i know
(11:29:01 AM) Critical Shopper: i mean the dress is only $120, so how can that tank top be $90
(11:30:05 AM) Rackedbot: no idea
(11:31:38 AM) Rackedbot: do you want to buy any of it?
(11:35:42 AM) Critical Shopper: um..
(11:35:50 AM) Critical Shopper: i liked that dress until I saw it on every person and their mother
(11:36:01 AM) Critical Shopper: i think she had one of the better celebrity clothing lines that came out
(11:36:20 AM) Critical Shopper: it was distinctly her style and you could tell she actually contributed to it and didn't just lend her name
(11:36:32 AM) Critical Shopper: but i don't know if any of it strikes me as must must have
(11:45:12 AM) Rackedbot: i've moved on