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Trader Joensing: Brooklyn Brokers Already Using TJ's To Push Apartments

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It shouldn't surprise us that Brooklyn brokers are already capitalizing on the news that a Trader Joe's is opening on Atlantic and Court Streets, but their haste is a bit remarkable, given that the announcement was made a mere week ago and no one knows how long it will take for the store to open. From a piece on the grocery chain in this morning's Post: "'We’ve already been bringing this up to buyers,' says Robert Frye, director of rentals with Brooklyn Heights Real Estate. 'The younger group - the college kids - love the idea because it’s for the money-conscious but you still get quality.'" See, once the store opens you can put the pennies you have left after paying your exorbitant rent towards a few of those super-affordable microwavable Trader Ming's egg rolls or Trader Jose's chicken chili verde burritos. Everybody wins.
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