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Retailers Stuck In The Frozen Zone

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Photo via Flickr/sillyrabbit8

A steam pipe ruptured on 41st Street between Lexington and Third Avenues yesterday evening, killing one person and injury many others. The explosion left a crater in the street; debris still litters the area. The city has closed off the blocks surrounding the scene (40th to 43rd streets between Third and Vanderbilt Avenues) to traffic and pedestrians. Shops within the confines of this "Frozen Zone" are not particularly happy, as they are obviously going to suffer until the street is cleaned up. Some opened for business today, while others just threw in the towel. Crain's reports that, "Stores such as The Body Shop on Lexington at East 44th Street simply remained dark." No, not The Body Shop! This is truly turning out to be a disaster.
· Retail business slow in 'frozen zone' [Crain's]