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From The Scene Of The "I'm Not A Plastic Bag" Frenzy

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Out of the mouths of commenters, two reports of the wet, bedraggled madness at Whole Foods this morning. Were you there? Tell us of your experiences.

1) Upper West Side: Jules fills us in on the scene uptown, "I was at Columbus Circle this morning at 730am and there was a line that snaked around two blocks. An hour later, I had three bags (the limit Whole Foods would let me buy). The bags were completely sold out by the time I left the store. One security guard told me that people were lined up as early as 8:45pm LAST NIGHT to get these bags."

2) Lower East Side: Reader KDunk writes, "I can confirm. There were close to 7 drenched women on the F train this morning clutching these bags - some of them two or three bags at a time. Many claimed to have been waiting in the rain outside of Whole Foods since 6AM. The trekies of fashion. One woman complained that Whole Foods had a scam where they charged $10 to 'bag her bag'. Other women chatted about which people they may or may not give a bag to - aka if they were 'bag worthy' , 'I might give one to my mother,' one woman was overheard saying, 'But not until Christmas.'"
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