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Whole Foods Bowery, Singles Scene?

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Another Whole Foods Bowery item this AM: in addition to picking up brunch at the grocery store, you might just be able to pick up a date there. According to quite a few shoppers and staffers, the market is a hot spot for young singles. In an article that reminds us of that Just Salad "meat market" piece, the Sun takes a look at why youngsters are looking for their next one night stand in the condiment aisle. Er, make that the fromagerie. According to a staffer, "the gelato bar, the upstairs café, the chilled, private cheese room, and long checkout lines are where flirting is most rampant in the 71,000-square-foot store that opened last March." Good to know that this is the angle their public relations team is taking. Oh, and the Anya Hindmarch totes will be on sale at the store starting tomorrow. Okay, whew, that was the last bit of Whole Foods Bowery news for the day. Now we can proceed as normal.
· Whole Foods Bowery Is Proud of Its Meet Market [NY Sun]