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Brooklyn Target Blows Off Go International Launch Yet Again

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What's up with Targets not following the proposed launch dates for the retailer's Go International collections? First, we heard word that a store in the Bronx was stocking Libertine's new line two days early; and then, on Sunday the 15th (the proposed launch date for the collection) the clothing was nowhere to be found at the Atlantic Center Mall Target. A staffer told us that someone had made the decision to wait till this morning to roll out the clothes, which is exactly what they did with the Patrick Robinson line. Frustratingly, all of the signage was up yesterday, but those racks were filled with Mossimo clothing. According to the employee we spoke with, plenty of people had shown up yesterday in vain. Of course, you can skip all the unpleasantness that comes with visiting the stores by just shopping Target's website, one place where they've clearly got it together.
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