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Trader Joensing: Inside The TJ's Press Conference

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And now, back to the Trader Joe's press conference. First, let's take a gander at the building that will, according to Marty Markowitz, allow Brooklynites to finally live, work and play without ever again having to enter Manhattan. Does anyone remember if he said that when the Fairway opened? Anyway, if we are to believe the hype, the hopes and dreams of a borough are pinned on 130 Court. Word.

Marty and his entourage enter 130 Court Street. It should be noted that Marty did hold the door open for Trader Joe's regional vice pres Jim Poppe, who was on crutches. What a nice fellow.

Inside the building, someone had hung banners on the wall to set the scene.

Here we see assembly member Joan Millman taking the mic; many verbal pats on the back ensued. Earlier, Marty stated that he believed this store would be the highest grossing Trader Joe's in the country, a lofty pronouncement that people humored with smiles. Jim Poppe spoke after Millman. He states that he's worked for Trader Joe's for 26 years and, in that time, he's never once had a bad day. We all know he's lying (come on now) but he had an appealing folksy charm, so whatever. Maybe we're just cynical and working for Trader Joe's is like heaven or something.

Here working the red-and-blue-flowered shirt is Jed Walentas of Two Trees. He was a lot smaller than we thought he'd be. After he spoke the conference wrapped up and people dispersed. Attended by a dedicated few, it was truly a momentous occasion. And now, the countdown to opening day begins. If only we knew when, exactly, they expect this place to open. Oh, and for anyone hoping Trader Joe's Brooklyn will sell wine, the answer is a resounding "no" unless NYC changes its laws governing liquor sales.
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