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RackedWire: Carroll Gardeners Get A Farmers Market

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CARROLL GARDENS—The Carroll Gardens farmers market is up and running on weekends, but neighborhood types aren't very excited about its presence yet. Pardon Me For Asking has an early report: " far the biggest sin, according to my Italian neighbors, was that the farmers showed up without fresh tomatoes. Gasp! So here you have it. After waiting for a loooong time for the Farmers Market, the neighborhood was, well, less than overwhelmed by the selection of fruit and veggies." What Farmer's Market doesn't sell fresh tomatoes? They better get some heirlooms in stat. [Pardon Me For Asking]

MIDTOWN EAST—Saks is amping up its publicity efforts. They've now got a shoe floor with its own zipcode and they'll soon be releasing a hardcover, limited-edition fall catalogue in the hopes that people will use it as a coffee-table book. [FWD]