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Department Of The Ridiculous: Gourmet Chef For Dogs

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The latest in canine coddling: gourmet, chef-prepared meals for dogs. Today, the Brooklyn Paper shines a light on Megan Montgomery, the entrepreneur behind Zen Chien Personal Chef Service for Dogs. It's not clear from the article if Montgomery has any training as a chef (or any knowledge of what, exactly, dogs should be fed), but she does have two pups—and we guess that's qualification enough!

“The idea is a Dean and DeLuca for dogs,” said Montgomery of her company, Zen Chien Personal Chef Service for Dogs. She’s not exaggerating. Her dishes seem to have come straight from a Smith Street menu: Mediterranean ground lamb, with whole wheat couscous, blueberries and fresh-grated squash; beefy macaroni with ground sirloin, sweet peas, sardines, and organic tomato sauce; Caribbean chicken, with shredded, free-range meat, jasmine brown rice, finely chopped mango and grated zucchini. Mouthwatering? Hang on: it’s for dogs! But humans love it, too.
The piece doesn't mention how to contact Montgomery in order to take advantage of her services, and a Google search for Zen Chien didn't turn up a website or a business address or anything. Too bad—for now, your pets will have to settle for Alpo and table scraps.
· Pooch Cafe: Downtown gal is private chef to upscale dogs! [The Brooklyn Paper]