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Coming To A Street Near You: The Treats Truck

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Given the success of coffee house Mudtruck and boutique Caravan, entrepreneurs are jumping on the mobile-home-as-store bandwagon (note: the prohibitively high rents in the city probably have a bit to do with this trend as well). The latest shop on wheels is mobile bakery Treats Truck, previewed a few weeks back in TONY. The truck, which will putt around town selling inexpensive sweet treats like cookies, brownies and little cakes (all baked fresh in Red Hook), hits the streets tomorrow. Sugar will park somewhere in Greenwich Village this Saturday and will be sitting at the southeast corner of Central Park on Sunday. Good news is, they'll be hitting a variety of neighborhoods in the upcoming weeks, though we're gunning for ice-cream-truck-style, street-by-street vending.
· Treats Truck [Official Site]

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New mobile bakery serves fresh, wholesome treats with a retro flair

THE TREATS TRUCK will hit the streets of New York City beginning on June 9, 2007. This new mobile bakery will serve fresh, wholesome treats with a fun, retro flair. The Treats Truck, which is named Sugar, is filled to the brim with freshly-baked cookies, brownies, and goodies galore, and will be found parked in various locations throughout NYC and the surrounding boroughs.

On Saturday, June 9, The Treats Truck will be headed to Greenwich Village. On Sunday, June 10, it will be near the southeast corner of Central Park. Call (212) 691-5226 for the exact location.

The Treats Truck will have standards such as Oatmeal Old-Fashioned Cookies (with raisins, of course) and Chocolate Chip Brownies, but they’ve also added their own special touches to such classics as the rice crispy square and brownies with their Cran Almond Crispy and Mexican Chocolate Brownie. The Treats Truck also features peanut butter sandwich cookies, caramel creme sandwich cookies, frosted sugar cookies called Sugar Dots, chocolate chip cookies, and a rotating list of seasonal, holiday, and customer-inspired specials. A portion of the proceeds from the daily special will be donated to different charities; for the first month, the recipient will be New York Cares (

The rotating list of specials will include Junior Cakes - more than a cupcake, this treat is iced on all sides with frosting, like a full-sized cake - and the Peanut Butter and Jelly Cake Sandwich, peanut butter and jam sandwiched between two slices of vanilla cake. Gift boxes and custom orders are also available.

Her love of baking, treats, and New York City inspired founder Kim Ima (official title: owner/baker/driver/eater) to launch a bakery. But, she had a vision - the Treats Truck! “Baking and serving treats on the streets of NYC? What could be better than that?” she thought. Ima’s partner-in-sweets is baker/driver/eater Sekiya Billman, and the two now spend their days concocting, baking, delivering, and eating lots of treats. “Treats are good,” is their philosophy. “Hurray for treats!”

The Treats Truck is not only friendly to mouths and hungry bellies, but also to the environment, as it runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). CNG is one of the most environmentally-friendly fuels available. It is a gas much like air, rather than a liquid, and is very clean. “We feel so lucky to have been able to get our hands on a truck that runs on CNG. Not only is it a clean burning fuel, but in addition, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides are significantly reduced,” said Billman. “It's good for the environment and good for our cookies too! ‘Sugar' is a clean, green, baking machine!"

Sugar will be coming to a neighborhood near you soon! Check The Treats Truck web site to see the updated schedule and route or call (212) 691-5226. The Treats Truck is also available for catering and private parties.