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Shopping SJP's Bitten Pt. 2: The Crowds, The Media

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The Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten event, as it shall be known going forward: a complete media clusterfuck. Crews took photos and interviewed shoppers as to what they were buying, what they thought of the quality and the price and if they'd come back for more. Not pictured, the many highers up at Steve & Barry's grinning from ear to ear, congratulating each other. Shoppers weren't pushy or grabby, but there did seem to be excitement in the air as women loaded up their arms with garments. The store was well staffed with employees, who were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Some had been there since 11pm last night.

As you can see, space was tight.

The collection included underwear, as seen above, as well as swimsuits, bags, shoes and jewelry.

The line for the fitting room.

SJP's mug was plastered everywhere. Here, posters above the cashwrap.

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