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Shopping SJP's Bitten Pt. 3: The Clothes

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Ah yes, the clothing. The whole point of attending to the Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten event. Well, the collection was pretty much what we thought it'd be. That is, made up of basic, slightly boring cotton tops and dresses and standard denim. Was the quality amazing? No, but for the price, it was pretty damn good—we bought two tops and ended up spending $17. The strange thing was the fit, as many of the shirts were cut super small. Not exactly flattering to the "everywoman" that SJP is trying to appeal to. The demand for the clothing was anticipated, as the store had a ton of the collection in stock (i.e. for people shopping after work today, there still should be a lot to choose from). The styles do look like they were plucked from the shelves of Old Navy, but Steve & Barry's have definitely beaten Old Navy's prices. Verdict? The collection will be a success, albeit a moderate one, as buying is sure to slow once the hype dies down.

This gray bib top is $7.98.

A striped racerback tank; underneath is a scoop-neck tee and a button-down white shirt.

This printed t-shirt was especially snug and tight. Try going two sizes up.

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