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Future Of Essex Street Market Mulled

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Luxury high-rise condos to your left, bars overflowing with loud, obnoxious patrons to your right—the Lower East Side has been rendered virtually charmless in the past few years by unscrupulous developers and money-grubbing landlords. Though it seems as if every available space in the area has been snapped up, two massive properties still lay vacant. The Essex Street Market buildings (known as Building B and Building D) to the north and the south of the currently open and active Essex Street Market on Essex and Delancey have gone unused for years. According to Metro, that all might change very soon, as the city is currently looking to "identify a retail food user for Building D," the property just below Delancey. No specific plans have been disclosed for Building B, located right above Rivington Street (and pictured above), though a meeting on the subject will be held in July. Let's hope that bottle-service club and tall, glassy apartment building are left off the list of possibilities.
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