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Email Scan: Sneakers For Serious Runners

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We scan the inbox so you don't have to. Today, only a single item of note:

FROM: Best Bets Daily
SUBJECT: Newton's new running shoes
MESSAGE: Sneakers developed for top-of-the-line runners.

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FROM: Wingman Daily
SUBJECT: Kamasutra condoms
MESSAGE: Available at Charles and Marie, these prophylactics are printed with different images from the Kama Sutra.

FROM: DailyCandy
SUBJECT: Rasterbator software
MESSAGE: Software, available online (instructions on usage are also available online), that helps you print out any image you want poster sized.

FROM: Thrillist
SUBJECT: Whistlin' Dixie's Texas Tavern (714 Eleventh Ave at 51st St, 212-349-4370)
MESSAGE: A Mexican restaurant, opening Tuesday, that serves a ton of very strong drinks.
DISCARDED: "The food's also party-time, e.g., fajitas, fish tacos, and "Burritos Gigante Del Mundo" -- which is how big an agave worm will tell you he is, after you've eaten an agave worm," "that negates your opportunity to buy a dancer's drinks, then, after failed conversation, detonate a smoke bomb and disappear into the shadows"

FROM: UrbanBaby Daily
SUBJECT: Public city pools
MESSAGE: Asser Levy Recreation Center (E 23rd St and FDR, 212-447-2020), Astoria Pool (Astoria Park, 19th St at 23rd Drive, Queens; 718-626-8620), Brooklyn Bridge Park Beach (Between Piers 4 and 5, 718-802-0603), Chelsea Piers (West Side Highway at 22nd St, 212-336-6000), Tony Dapolito Recreation Center (1 Clarkson St between Seventh Ave South and Leroy St, 212-242-5228), Hamilton Fish Recreation Center (127 Pitt St between E Houston and Stanton Sts, 212-387-7687), John Jay Pool (77th St and Cherokee Place, 212-794-6566), Riverbank State Park (679 Riverside Drive at 145th St, 212-694-3665), and Sunset Park Recreation Center (Seventh Ave at 43rd St, Brooklyn; 718-965-6578).