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iPhrenzy: Soho Line Waiters Pt. 1

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Non-breaking: a lot of people are going to drop few hundy on iPhones today. We took a stroll around the Soho Apple store today at noon to get a handle on just how insane things are getting. Above, the charitable folks from Johnny Vulkan's crew holding out at the front of the line (and giving the camera good crack).

This crazy-looking dude was sitting pretty and shooting the shit near the entrance to the store. On the right—a homeless man?

People—well, mostly guys and a smattering of nerdy females—were sleeping, eating, or playing with gadgets. This fellow had three piercings in his forehead (we didn't shoot him front on because we didn't want to offend your sensibilities).

Sad but true: some people can't take three days off work to sit on their ass waiting to buy a cell phone. As seen here, one entrepreneurial type attempts to turn lemons into lemonade by selling his or her space in line. Hooray for capitalism.
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