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Amanda Bynes' Clothing Line Has Embarrassing MySpace Page

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Now that the marketing-driven hype of Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten collection for Steve & Barry's has ground to a halt, the chain is looking to grab headlines again with a line called Dear "designed" by teen star Amanda Bynes. News of the line was announced way back in May, but Dear just got its own MySpace page a few days ago. The poor thing only has 9 friends, but more painful than that, however, is the embedded video clip of Amanda talking about fashion, Steve & Barry's and her parents. We understand that she's very young, but she's been an actress for some time, shouldn't she be more polished in front of the camera? Some quotes, "If every day was my favorite outfit day, I'd be happy all the time. Nothing would ever get me down," and the line that's got to have Phillip Lim squirming, "I've always wanted to be a fashion designer. When Steve & Barry's asked me to design some of their clothes, I though it'd be a perfect fit." Dear hits stores August 16th.
· Dear by Amanda [MySpace]