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iPhrenzy: Only One Day To Go...And The Line Isn't That Long

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[Photo via Flickr/vicariousmusic]

Check it: this picture, taken today, shows that the line at the Fifth Avenue Apple store has swelled considerably since we last took a gander at it on Tuesday. And though more people have joined the first doofus who showed up at 5am on Monday morning, right now the que just isn't as long as we thought it'd be (is it possible that the phone might not be as big of a seller as everyone expects it to be? Sacré bleu!). From the picture, it looks like there's more press camped out there on the sidewalk than Apple fanboys. If you're not put off by the price or the hype, here's an informative memo Apple released today on purchasing the iPhone. 'Cause we're all about being helpful.
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