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iPhrenzy: The Times Gives The iPhone A Rave Review

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"The iPhone is...the most sophisticated, outlook-changing piece of electronics to come along in years. It does so many things so well, and so pleasurably, that you tend to forgive its foibles." That's New York Times geekmaster David Pogue feeding iPhone mania with a lengthy review of the device in today's paper. The piece includes an interactive graphic, a slide show of photos he took with the phone (pics of Pogue's wife and kids!) and even a comedic video that pokes fun at the secrecy surrounding the gadget—one assumes that Pogue was given quite explicit instructions that no one else could use or even see the phone. Some of the things he loves about the iPhone: the way it looks, how simple the softwear is to operate, and the fact that, unlike many cellphones, it's fun to use. He admits there are some problems with text messaging, saying that "The BlackBerry won’t be going away anytime soon" but the real drawback is that Apple decided to go with AT&T as the carrier. There's much more plus/minus in the article, which is, obviously, a must read for anyone considering an iPhone purchase.
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