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iPhrenzy: Ramping Up Excitement Clickage

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The line outside the Soho Apple store grows: Johnny Vulkan now has a friend. Photo via Flickr/dpstyles

· More freshly-leaked iPhone details! [Engadget]
· Survival maps for those camping out in front of the store! [Gizmodo]
· The iPhone to earn Steve Jobs a lot of money! [NY Post]
· People crazy to get their hands on iPhones! [NY Post]
· AT&T hoping iPhone is a long-term moneymaker! [NY Times]
· Apple's not giving movie stars special treatment! [Gizmodo]
· Armed guards needed to help transport the iPhones! [Apple Insider]
· The rate plans have been revealed! [Engadget]
· You can activate the phone via iTunes! [Gizmodo]
· Divorced women really hankering for iPhones [Jezebel]