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That's Salty: Whole Foods Stocks "Impostor" Guss' Pickles

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Grocery store behemoth Bowery Whole Foods continues to piss off Lower East Side businesses left and right. Recently, it's raised the ire of the venerable Guss' Pickles shop, open since 1920 at 85 Orchard Street. If you weren't around for the great Guss' Pickles debacle of last year, some backstory. Patricia Fairhurst is the current owner of Guss’s Pickles on Orchard Street. Andrew N. Leibowitz also owns a store named Guss’s Pickles in Long Island; he claims that the name Guss' is his property, having allegedly purchased it from the Orchard Street shop's previous owner. Anywho, the two went to court over the dispute in November, and, as far as we know, the issue hasn't been resolved. Guss' on Orchard recently got steamed over the fact that Whole Foods has decided to stock the "imitation" pickles in its Bowery store (see photo above). From a reader:

I was at guss' pickles this weekend and noticed a sign hanging that the pickles labeled guss' at wholefoods bowery are not from the 'real' guss' pickles on orchard street.

there is a guy who is going around and selling so called guss' pickles all over the country using the original guss' logo, etc. the owners of the real guss' are suing this dude, but in the meantime, they went into wholefoods to tell them about this and they didn't care. they continue to sell these impostor pickles, and continue to pretend they support community when in fact they simply don't care and only care about making money.(of course)

no one should buy the guss' pickles labeled products at wholefoods or anywhere else for that matter!!! the only real guss' pickles can be purchased at guss' pickles on orchard street at the corner of broome.

hope you can enlighten your readers to this!!

We can hardly believe that Bowery Whole Foods would do this type of thing to the neighborhood they purport to embrace. [Racked Inbox]