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iPhrenzy: Want An iPhone? Start Queuing Up Right About...Now

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The news this weekend was predictably dominated by iPhone ruminations, rightly so, since the said God machine, aka the gadget that'll change the world, is hitting stores this Friday June 29th at 6pm. Number one on the list of topics dicussed? Strategies for getting your hands on the gadget. New York Magazine lists the five most obvious stores that'll be selling the phones in Manhattan—the two Apple stores and three AT&T stores.

For those who don't feel like waiting in line, there's the cottage industry of professional line waiters who'll do it for you. Via an article in the Post, "Harris Levinson, 34, a video production supervisor for Conde Nast, is paying his brother and two friends $150 each to stand in line at Apple stores in three different states to make sure he gets at least one. “I have to cover my bases,” said Levinson, who’s dispatched phone-buying surrogates to New York, Kentucky and Tennessee. “What if one of them doesn’t work?”

Another strategy: giving a bum money to wait in line for you. Of course, the risks of paying someone not related to you by blood are obvious. Instead of forking over money to a potentially untrustworthy line stooge, take the day off of work and wait your damn self. Since choosing a store in Manhattan is sort of foolish, considering, go with an outer-borough AT&T. We've listed as many locations as we could find online on AT&T's site; make sure you call to confirm that a store will be carrying the iPhone before you pitch a tent outside, m'kay? If you know of a store we've missed, fill us in.

Brooklyn AT&T stores:
1) 841 Flatbush Ave (718-856-2752)
2) 211 Montague St (718-875-7940)
3) 476 Fulton St (718-403-9632)
4) 21 Graham Ave (718-302-6514)
5) 453 86th St (718-238-8026)

Bronx AT&T stores:
1) 370 E 150th St (718-742-1053)
2) 117 E 167th St (718-992-8424)
3) 3001 Kingsbridge Ave (718-548-7736)
4) 3508 E Tremont Ave (718-829-3500)

Queens AT&T stores:
1) 3909 Main St, Flushing (718-762-0732)
2) 61-44 188th St, Fresh Meadows (718-465-4700)
3) 107-24 Continental Ave, Forest Hills (718-544-2310)
4) 8955 Queens BLVD, Elmhurst (718-458-0007)

Staten Island AT&T stores:
1) 2655 Richmond Ave (718-697-0008)
2) 2865 Richmond Ave (718-370-2700)

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