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iPhrenzy: Here Come The Craigslist Ads

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It appears as if one dedicated Apple fanboy, looking for a line stooge via Craigslist, has picked this Wednesday as the best time to begin the iPhone camp out.

Reply to:
Date: 2007-06-19, 12:50PM EDT

Ok, so here's the deal. I need an iPhone. Like, really need an iPhone. It's so bad, I've taken to carrying around my paper cut-out just to get used to the size.

ANYWAY, I'm looking for 1 or 2 industrious folks to setup camp outside the 5th Avenue Apple Store 6:00am, Wednesday the 27th until 6:00pm on Friday the 29th. That's 60 hours of chilling and doing nothing... and getting paid. Or maybe getting your very own iPhone if we can buy more than 1!

Interested applicants should have experience waiting in line. You are responsible for any supplies, food, etc. that you may need during your stay. If you want to be considered for this rather bizarre, very odd, and slightly fun assignment, please get in touch right away...


One'd wager that this Craigslister could find applicants with line waiting experience at the nearest Duane Reade. But back to the start date: 6am on Wednesday is certainly early, but there's gotta be a few crazies who can beat that, after all, we've got less than five days left. Has anyone spotted tents being pitched outside Apple's Soho or Midtown stores today?
· Updated: Get Paid To Wait In Line... For An iPhone (Midtown) [Craigslist]