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Above The Fray: Catherine Malandrino

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It's time again, folks, for a down-and-dirty report from the front lines of the city's biggest sales. And now, an abbreviated account from the Catherine Malandrino sale taking place on West 18th Street.

Catherine Malandrino's dressy pieces, livened up with small details such as blousy sleeves, contrasting fabrics or interesting hardware, usually retail from about $200 to $500, but for a few days can be had for up to 70% off. The three day spring/summer sample sale ends tomorrow. Yesterday, a dedicated Racked correspondent braved the crowds to bring us a report from the scene.

· There is a lot of merchandise and a good variety of sizes
· It's very well organized
· They were sending five people up at a time so it wasn't crowded

· There isn't a ton of variety in styles offered
· You have to check your bag, so you have to carry your wallet around with you, which is kind of annoying
· You can only take 9 items into the fitting room at a time
· The prices were still pretty high for a sample sale—the cheapest thing, at $99, were the shorts

The takeaway: All in all, it sounds pretty true to our experiences at other Malandrino sales, though perhaps this one wasn't very well publicized, given the lukewarm turnout. From our correspondent:

There are a lot of size fours available, so if you are a size four you should go. Yesterday at around 3pm the place was dead, though a sales girl said it was busier earlier in the morning. They didn't check to see if you'd RSVPed. There was a short line outside and I waited for about 10 minutes to get in. They were offering dresses, shorts, shirts, jackets and skirts. I didn't purchase anything.
Our verdict is—it's worth stopping by, but be aware that you'll still be shelling out a decent amount of change, as there aren't any amazing bargains to be had.

Tell us about your sale experiences. Bonus points for digital photographs, per usual.