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Now Open: Hermès

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Today, luxury goods retailer Hermès opened the doors of its Wall Street outpost to the public at a bright-and-early 8:30am. The 4000-square-foot store is being heralded by many as a pioneer in the revitalization of the Wall Street retail scene. First day impressions, from an associate of Racked:

1) This is essentially a tie store.
2) We were able to take two interior photos: security staff clearly not
trained yet.
3) They did not finish the window displays in time. For shame.
4) At exactly 11:03 AM, saw person physically react to the price of a
blazer. He then did a double take and recoiled anew.
Yes, the prices are not for the faint of heart (ties run about $150 a pop). Aside from neckwear, shoes, bags, jewelry and the requisite horsey accessories like riding crops, there's a selection of ready to wear. Men. Style.Com has more info here, including the news that this location has a few exclusive items, such as "a $25,000 version of the Cape Cod 1928 watch, which sports a havane crocodile strap and a matching humidor box."

So. Many. Ties.

A few minor details, such as perfecting the window displays, seem to have been overlooked. Seriously, who was the point person for this project?

The scene outside the store.