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Racked Mailbag: Rats Terrorize Bowery Whole Foods Patrons

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Once in a while, we pull letters from the Racked Inbox and post them for your enjoyment and/or enlightenment. Want to contribute? We're listening. Anonymity always assured.

What better to start off the morning than a dispatch from our new favorite organic grocery stop, Bowery Whole Foods. After hearing reports of possible bug infestation problems, we were a bit worried about the place, however this latest letter is a hair more alarming.

My boyfriend and I were shopping at the Bowery Whole Foods this past Sunday, a place that reminds me of a scene from 'Dawn of the Dead'. Very colorful and frigid. The people that is. Anyway, while I was checking out the 2x4 section of meatless products, a rat the size of a small cat, ran across the floor and into the back butchery. It had blood on it's tail. My boyfriend screamed and everyone in sight stood frozen for several minutes. Then we continued shopping.
Be careful out there, shoppers.
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