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Anya Hindmarch Craziness: People Still Lining Up For The Bag

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This morning, we heard there were people lined up at the Anya Hindmarch store as early as 7:30 waiting to purchase the designer's reusable cotton tote bag. To our alarm, we've received two more notes from another tipster who says that people are still out there waiting in line!

Time: 1:46pm
Message: "I work across the street from the Anya Hindmarch store on E. 60th St., and there's a line stretching down the entire block with people waiting to get those "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" bags. I guess I knew they were popular...but not THAT popular!"

Time: 2:18pm
Email: "The line was there at 9am when I got to work (but it was much shorter then) and it's still there now!"

Quite a coup for Anya. We're sure that the bag's worth the wait.
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