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Rumor Of The Day: Magnolia To Open On The UWS

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Image via Flickr/sfPhotocraft

No one doubts that Magnolia Bakery is a cash cow, so why is there only one location when there could be outposts 'round the city? Well, it seems as if the pastry shops' owners are pondering that very same question. A reader writes, "I have heard from more than one person that so-so sushi place Lenge (on Columbus Ave at 69th St) will shortly be closing as its landlord has dramatically increased its rent, and that Magnolia Bakery will opening a UWS branch there in its place..." We put a call in to Magnolia, and were told that this rumor is untrue, though they would like to open more locations and are hoping to find a space within the next twelve months or so. Official statement: "nothing is in the works yet." [Racked Inbox]