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RackedWire: Trader Joe's For Bay Terrace? Dare To Dream, Baysiders

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BAYSIDE—This reader-submitted rumor is interesting, but we doubt it's based in any sort of reality: "Rumor has it here in Queens that Trader Joe’s will be moving into the new addition to the Bay Terrace Shopping Center in Bayside Queens by the AMC Movie theater." Why would the shopping center need Trader Joe's? They already have a Waldbaum's. [RackedWire Inbox]

SOHO—Tonight from 6 to 10pm, Gen Art's throwing one of their recurring Shop NYC bashes at the Puck Building on Lafayette and Houston. Over 40 indie designers will be there (including H Fredriksson, Lewis Cho, Octopi, redtoenails, Lulu Frost and Bliss Lau) selling marked-down clothing and accessories. Other reasons to stop by: Free cocktails (although the open bar is sponsored by Bailey's—yuck), manicures and cookies. We advise starting with the cookies and booze, then moving on to the manicures. Advance tix were $15; door price is 20 bones. [Gen Art]