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The 80's Are Back

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Men, your wardrobe's future is bleak. According to a piece in today's Times Styles section, "This spring, fashion enthusiastically revisited the ’80s with neon-bright colors, abstract and ethnic prints, blousy silhouettes, crazy asymmetrical graphics, impractically high-tech fabrics and New Wave accessories." The article is accompanied by a horrifying slideshow. Want the look? These "Pyramid and Tabs" Sweatpants from Cassette Playa, for instance, retail for $395 at Seven New York (gold sneakers not included). There's also a matching black-and-white sweatshirt. You certainly won't fade into the crowd when wearing these pants, nope, they sure make a statement. A statement that quite a few men want to make, apparently, as only smalls and mediums are left to purchase on the Seven New York website.
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