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Questionable Redecorating Tips & More From TONY's Cheap Issue

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It took us some time to parse the contents of Time Out New York's annual Cheap Issue, which hit newsstands yesterday. This year's feature purports to help you save money throughout your day by pointing you to discount stores like Century 21, Family Dollar, Ikea, Target, Surprise Surprise and Salvation Army. Feature packages like this usually live or die by how much time and effort writers expend to really scout out good deals, and having read through the whole thing, we give it a solid B. Sure, there are some good tips included, but most of it is rather obvious. Doesn't everyone know you can find cheap furniture at Salvation Army? We think that some of the best stuff is slotted into the Seek section. We really liked the inexpensive hair tips and cheap manicure guide offered in Mind & Body section; not exactly practical, but certainly interesting, is a graffiti-artist bathroom makeover wherein three dudes—Neck Face, Simon Curtis and Eric Elms—completely uglify a chick's john.

Graffiti artist Neck Face...edged a delicate border of diamonds along the tile before administering murals on every wall...Simon Curtis (otherwise known as SeMeN SPeRmS), a DJ at spots like the Beatrice Inn and the creative director of Aaron Bondaroff’s (a.k.a. A-Ron the Don) new venture Community Approved Productions, deposited his signature spermatozoids on the cabinets (with paint) and on the ceiling (with a Bic lighter) before etching you look ugly into the medicine-cabinet mirror (with a grindstone). Meanwhile, designer Eric Elms...painted a bloodshot eye on a shower curtain and layered it against a second, graphic hot-pink liner, before replicating the image on the light fixture and trash can.
Sounds...delightful. What girl wouldn't want "You Look Ugly" ground into her mirror and images of spermatozoids swimming over her ceiling and cabinents? Sign these fellows up for the next season of Top Design.
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