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Salad Dressings Get Sexual

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Possibly the strangest thing to land in our inbox to date: a press release for a series of animated video shorts titled Sprays In The City. The clips are an attempt to get the word out about Wishbone's spray-on salad dressing and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter's spray. In the first video, which we've included above, oddly sexualized vegetables voiced by Mark McGrath (the Extra host—remember him from Sugar Ray?), Project Runway's Tim Gunn and ICBINB spokesman Fabio cavort about with busty ladies who somehow represent different types of salad dressings and butter substitutes. Confusing? Yes. If you have a few minutes to waste, click away. From the title, we're assuming they're attempting to appeal to women. Update: If the embedded video doesn't play, just click on the link below.
· Sprays In The City [Official Site]